This is a AMS plugin and also a wordpress plugin. The AMS plugin can function by itself and was meant to be self contained.  If your website is built on wordpress then you can also have online registration of your serial numbers using this plugin.   The plugin package consists of the AMS plugins, WordPress plugin, and serial generator.  The serial generator is not necessary for the wordpress plugin to work, however, it is necessary for the AMS plugin if you want to use it for self-contained verification. You can get wordpress here,  AMS (AutoPlay Media Studio) here, and if you need hosting you can contact me via the IR forum.   You will need a valid AMS license to sell licensed applications.

Through Innovative Solutions we are offering $10 per year (domain name additional most of them $9.99) for registered (green)  AMS users and we are adding 2 free MySQL databases and increasing storage to 1G for regular forum members to the $28.95 basic hosting package.  For registered users you will get the basic package plus 5 MySQL databases, 5G of storage, and 5G of data transfer for $10 plus the cost of a domain if you need one. If you have a domain I will give you the DNS address so you can just use the hosting.  The control panel is proprietary, if you need cPanel then this hosting is not for you.   Please PM on the forum so I know that you have an IR account.

The WordPress Plugin

To use the wordpress plugin simply go to your plugins page on your wordpress site, select Plugins>Install>Upload and upload the file. Press install then activate.  You will see a new serials menu on the left in your wordpress menu.  The Serials main page will show you any serials you have available and if they are active. You can see who they registered to and also have the ability to set serials as purchased so you don’t sell the same serial twice.  In each users profile will also be a list of any serials purchase. Serials must be activated through the software but can be deactivated for transfer in the users profile or directly from the software.  In order for the wordpress plugin to activate the files the user must provide a valid email address that is registered to your site and a valid serial number.

AMS Plugin

The Autoplay Media Studio plugin can be used as a standalone verification system or online verification through the wordpress plugin.  Using as a standalone verification system you will need to use the included serializer software to generate your serials and export a serial file.  No email address is required for standalone verification.

Serial Generation for standalone verification

To use the serializer software simply install and run.  Serials can be generated in any fashion, numeric, alpha, or mixed.  You also have the option for a serial prefix like SCRIPT- then the serial.  Anything that is not a N or an A is bypassed and left in the serial as is.  The serials must be exported as a serial file and included in your application.  Don’t forget to export a text version for your records.

Serial Activation with wordpress

The wordpress plugin is used with the serializer plugin for online activation. You must have wordpress installed either running as your website or on installed on your server.  WordPress is a free blogging software that can easily be used as a  CMS website.  Install the plugin from the plugins menu, select add new, then navigate to the folder, select it, press install, then activate plugin. You will see a new menu item called serials in your menu and an option called serializer under settings.  The serializer setting is where you put in the name of your application.  This wordpress plugin only allows one software title and one set of serial management.  I hope to expand this plugin to included multiple applications and application management.  To register the serial number through your site the user has to be registered as a user to your site.  The activation requires valid email and serial number.  The plugin also adds address fields to the user profile as well as a list of serials the users has.  Users can also deactivate their software from their profile page. in order to get the serials into the site you will  need to go to the serial import page.  Add one serial per line and select import to add the serials to your site for activation.


Serializer Serial Generator-Installer for serial generator

serializer_wordpress-seralizer wordpress plugin

Serializer-AMS Plugin

Example Serial Reg-APZ example file

Serializer Package-All Files